My name is Jojo Agot. I work as Discipleship Coordinator for Victory Caloocan by day while I moonlight as a student of Biblical Languages at Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) by night. I like reading old Christian books, listening to Fernando Ortega music and learning foreign root words. I don’t like neck ties, parlor games and dancing. I blog regularly at


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. basahon nako tanan since wala pajud ko sure karon sako padulngan…

    hmmm…apparently, there are lots of ur topics that leaves me thinking…

    ngutana ko unya if sure na na mao to ako masabtan…

  2. hello jo,

    I’ve read all your articles…great, you’ve decided to share all these things in very sure lots of people will be blessed, as I am now..

    …very inspirational, tagos sa puso na mga tanong…mapapa-isip ka talaga..

  3. hello Kuya Jo,

    this is my first time to view your page here in wordpress. haven’t read yet your blog (actually i was intrigued by your blog on what happens while you sleep), thought i’ll read the comments first. This is a nice page, no, not nice, that’s understatement… your page is inspiring and your blogs kind of makes one reflect on his own life…

    so what about the worn out slippers?

    i’m sure i’ll be visiting this page again and again.

    Regards and God bless!

  4. Maricel, thank you very much for your kind words. Feel free to browse around and leave comments if you like. “Worn out slippers” is a family testimony about their encounter with a hardworking missionary. This is a reflection of the message preached by Pastor Jonathan Bocobo at Victory Caloocan few weeks ago.

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