First day of our classes at Every Nation School of Local Church Ministry. There are 24 of us, 23 guys and a lady. Most of my classmates are currently pastoring churches. More than ten of them are going to the church planting boot camp and will do actual church planting after graduation. 

To be surrounded by bigger, older guys who are already in the ministry is very terrifying. It was like I suddenly stumbled into a camp full of fierce soldiers who just won a battle. Never has it occurred to me that there’d be two full months of my life when I’d find myself in the company of strong, vibrant personalities. God, did I hear you right? 

Last night while I was drifting in and out of my sleep, I distinctly heard the Lord speaking to my heart. He said, “do not fear my son, this is not high school anymore. There is no competition here. Think of your class as a pooling together of 23-head’s worth of wisdom and experience. Everyday for the next two months, you will be surrounded by a vast supply of spiritual resources. Learn from them, drink as much as you can, they’re there to build you up, not tear you down.”


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